Teaching French to 21st Century Learners

Facilitators: Catherine Ousselin,

Ivan Bertoux, Etienne Farreyre

Catherine Ousselin's "Thinking About Syncing?" Technology resource site

ACTFL 21st Century Skills Map

Toni Theisen's links for 21st Century skills

Les Réseaux sociaux pour les enseignants - Catherine Ousselin

SAMR Model - Dr. Ruben Puentedura

Infographic: Susan Oxnevad

Dr. Ruben Puentedura on SAMR

SAMR in 120 seconds

Shared Google folder - Infographics used during the presentation

SimpleK12 - Webinars anytime on technology integration! Many are free, but some are paid and well worth it!

Carte interactive avec les cantines scolaires et son lien direct.

View Les cantines scolaires du monde francophone in a larger map

ThingLink projects

Valérie Amzallag

Patty Clavijo

Michele Cossey

Howard Bodner


Narration numérique / Digital Storytelling projects

Marie Thuillier

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

StoryBird de Nicola Kennedy

Le Meograph de Christine Henry

Vuvox de Hanna Dubovik

PhotoPeach de Marie Furlong

Animoto de Marie Thuillier

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

Animoto de Lauryn Schryver

Try our video maker at Animoto.

Storybird d'Odile Bowie
Animoto d'Odile Bowie

StoryKit de Sylvia Battigalli

StoryKit de Michele Cossey

StoryBird de Patrick D et Caroline

Prezi de CK

Animoto de Mireille Mcnabb

Animoto de Valérie Amzallag

Animoto de Clotilde Gres

Animoto de Karim Kadmiri

Animoto de Courtney Rice

Animoto de Michele Cossey

Animoto de Catherine Bunch

Animoto d'Audrey Schroeder

Animoto d'Elizabeth Cooper

Animoto de Benette Williams

Animoto de Catherine Jolivet

Animoto de Patty Clavijo

Animoto de Kate Schlosser

Animoto de Deborah Berg

Animoto d'Aloysius Obiukwu

Animoto de Christine Remedios